Region 4 of Overeaters Anonymous serves the individual OA groups and Intergroups in Illinois [except Chicagoland area], Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, Northwest Ontario, and Nunavut Territory, Canada. Region 4 is one of 11 regions organized to provide a bridge between groups, Intergroups, and OA worldwide.


The mission of Region 4 is to actively support the Region 4 Intergroups to carry the message of recovery to compulsive eaters.


How Region 4 Serves Groups and Intergroups

  • Acts as a conduit between the World Service Business Office, Intergroups, and Regions
  • Hosts bi-annual Assemblies where Region board members and Intergroup representatives meet to discuss concerns and successes, develop outreach initiatives, and share best practices
  • Provides funding, as needed, to help Intergroups:

      • Send reps to Assemblies
      • Send delegates to the World Service Business Conference
      • Develop public information programs to make OA known in their areas
  • Supports the work of Region 4 committees and initiatives
  • Publishes “R4ward,” a monthly newsletter with information on OA events and R4 news
  • Manages the Region 4 website
  • Works with unaffiliated groups to connect them with an Intergroup
  • Sponsors a Region Convention every two years
  • Provides travel funding for Region officers to present workshops
  • Hosts “Community Conversations,” an informal monthly Zoom gathering
  • Hosts virtual game nights to build fellowship
  • Reviews, updates, and publishes the Region 4 Manual

Region 4
2355 Fairview Avenue N
PMB 338
Roseville, MN 55113

Privacy Policy
The Region 4 website is for use by those who desire to stop eating compulsively. Please respect our Tradition of Anonymity by refraining from using individuals’ names and contact information for any other purpose than to contact them. For more information, contact [email protected]
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