1. Maintain a public listing of the Overeaters Anonymous contact information.
2. Maintain an answering service.
3. Reply to all inquiries about OA.
4. Publish regular newsletters and bulletins.
5. Inform groups about upcoming Overeaters Anonymous events.
6. Distribute up-to-date directories of all meetings within the Intergroup.
7. Maintain a local speaker and sponsor list.
8. Maintain a stock of Overeaters Anonymous literature.
9. Sponsor and arrange recovery events for member groups.
10. Answer local news media inquiries and arrange radio and TV announcements or programs about OA.
11. Arrange Overeaters Anonymous speakers for outside organizations upon request.
12. Support World Service Business Conference Delegates and Region Representatives in the fulfillment of their duties.
13. Maintain the stlouisoa.org website.