There are a couple of different ways to find a meeting in the St. Louis metropolitan area. You can either click on this link, which will open a printable PDF document of all of the meetings in our bi-state area, or you can visit  the  “Find a Meeting page at

Starting a new meeting? Click here to add your meeting.

OA World Service maintains a list of all St. Louis Bi-State Intergroup meetings. Please Note: This list is a direct feed from World Service and is only as accurate at the World Service database. World Service relies on updates from individual groups and their meeting data may not reflect the most current information.

Attention: Meeting Contact Person – If your meeting is not listed on the attached PDF or the  World Service website, please do the following: first follow the directions on the website and email or fax the world service office with your changes or updates; second, please contact the St. Louis Bi-State office at and we will update the local information.