The Region Representatives attend the Region 4 assemblies for our Intergroup.  The WSBC Delegates attend the annual World Service Business Conference for our Intergroup.  They are elected in November and serve 2 year terms.  Nomination forms must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the November Intergroup meeting.

For a list of duties click here.  For a complete review of the responsibilities of these positions review Article XI in the current St. Louis Bylaws.

Qualifications and Eligibility

All Region Representatives elected shall be required to have:

A. At least one (1) year in Overeaters Anonymous.

B. Six (6) months current abstinence.

C. Regularly attended group and Intergroup meetings for the preceding year.

D. Willingness to fulfill the duties of a Region Representative.

E. These qualifications shall be met except for reasons the sufficiency of which shall be decided by the voting body of Intergroup.

All World Service Business Conference Delegates shall have:

A at least one (1) year of current abstinence at the time of application submission, and must have continuous abstinence throughout the term(s).

B. A World Service Business Conference Delegate/alternate shall have at least two (2) years of service beyond the group level and shall have been active at group and Intergroup service levels for the preceding year.

C. Be willing to fulfill the duties of a World Service Business Conference Delegate.

D. These qualifications shall be met except for reasons the sufficiency of which shall be considered by the voting body of Intergroup who may apply to the OA Board of Trustees to waive the qualifications.


Complete the online nomination form below and click submit, OR to complete using Word, click Region Rep Form or World Service Delegate Form. E-mail, fax, or mail the completed form to the office.


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