Section 5.21 Speaker Funding Assistance (Revised Maryland Heights, MO, 10/1/11)


The R4 Speaker Fund has been established to help defray the costs of R4 speaker travel &/or 

accommodations in order to aid any R4 Intergroup in need of financial assistance to facilitate our primary 

purpose—to carry the message to the still suffering compulsive eater. The reimbursement will be limited 

to $200.00 per event.  

1. Applications from any Intergroup should be presented to the R4 Ways and Means/Finance 

Committee at the Region Assembly or mailed to the R4 Ways and Means/Finance Committee,  PO 

Box 1604, Fenton, MO  63026-8604.

2. To be included:

a. The description of the event in which the speaker will be speaking. (500 words or less).

b. A copy of the Intergroup’s most recent financial statement to include budgeted/upcoming 

expenses, prudent reserve, and current balance of checking and savings accounts. 

c. Estimated cost and amount of funding requested (up to $200.00 per speaker, per event).

d. Event Coordinator information.

3. On completion, a report on the event will be presented at the next Region Assembly or sent to R4 in 

time for the next Assembly.  This will include:

a. Success and Recommendation.

b. Receipts and how the funds were spent.

4. Funding requires a majority vote of the Ways and Means/Finance Committee at the Assembly at 

which the request is made.

5. Distribution of funds will be immediately following the committee approval.

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