Article re-published from the Winter 2011 4-Thought Newsletter

Slogan—”Let Go and Let God”

At first blush, this is an easy message to follow. But when put to the test, I see my gnarled hands locked onto that one thing I’ve been asked to release. And then with the realization of my iron grip, I give one last effort to hang on even tighter.

I continually see this counterproductive behavior played out at work, with my family and in social gatherings. Humility tries to get my attention, to say, “Hey, what’s all the fuss? Let go already.” But I’m too busy building my defense to prove the necessity to keep close tabs on a particular situation or event.

It isn’t until I’ve exhausted myself in sheer frustration, that I finally hear the murmur of , “Let Go…, you aren’t in charge like you think you are. Or do you really want to go through this again?” At my more lucid moments, I can smile and ask for guidance on how to let go when I don’t know how to handle this situation differently than I ever have before.

Turning over my life to my Higher Power grants me serenity I didn’t know possible. I am able to relax more in life instead of being hyper uptight. I have to remember it is by design that I can’t see around the corner in life, but HP can. Therefore with that simple realization I work on “Letting go and letting God.”

By Mattie F

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