Region Assembly

2018 Spring Assembly is Apr 6-8 in Omaha, NE hosted by Greater Omaha Intergroup. 

Register using the links below at least 60 days prior to the Assembly.  Please send a follow up to if you have any questions.

Registration is required for your Intergroup to be represented at R4 Assembly.  *** Please note, registering using the links below does not book your travel or hotel.  Each IG rep is responsible for booking their own travel and hotel room(s).

Register your Intergroup Region Reps

Region Assembly Timeline

Region Rep Registration: Region reps must register using this link at least sixty (60) days before the Region Assembly. Region requires that Representatives have at least six (6) months of current back-to-back abstinence.

Multiple Representative Registration: You may use this link to register multiple representatives at one time.  Intergroups are entitled to one Representative for every ten (10) groups and next fraction. It is suggested that you register the maximum number allowed.

Delegate/Rep Funding Request: Use this link to apply for Region 4 travel funding for your Intergroup.  Due no later than sixty (60) days prior to the Region Assembly

Region 4 Policy Procedure and Manual:  As a Region reps, you will want to be familiar with the Policy and Procedure manual.  New reps will receive a hard copy at Assembly.  Returning reps bring your own hard copy or electronic copy.