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Help us raise $7,000 or more to help Region 4 continue to thrive in getting the word out to the still suffering compulsive eater.  This is a One Time - Special Donation.  Each OA member in Region 4 is asked to contribute at least $5 extra by November 19

Goal: $7,000 by November 19, 2016 - I.D.E.A. Day!

Your Contribution helps our Region 4 Intergroups send reps and delegates to World and Region Conferences.

In 2016, Region 4 provided funds totaling over $8,200 to some of our 33 eligible region reps and 26 world delegates.

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Note: you do not need to include a group number when making your donation.

Thank you for your donation!

Mail Donations: Region 4, Attn: Gimme 5, PO Box 1609, St. Peters, MO 63376-1609

If you experience any problems with your order or donation, please send an email to


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